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Number 14 - January 2011

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In this edition of the newsletter:

* Happy New Year!
* ECCS’10 in Numbers
* ECCS'10 Awards
* Policy making in complex adaptive systems
* Young Researchers Session at ECCS’10
* ILACS - International Latino America Committee of the
Complex Systems Society
* Modelling the non-separability of a very complex world
High Throughput Humanities
* ECCS'11 Announcement and Call for Satellites
* Reading snippets
* Conferences and workshops
* Jobs
* Contacts

Editorial - Happy New Year!

A new year is starting. This is the time to review past activities,
make conclusions, think carefully about it, and get inspiration to
face the new challenges appearing in the horizon.

The most representative event for the Complex Systems research
community during last year was the ECCS conference. This number
reviews our conference through statistics, and lists the relevant
features of it. Some of its most interesting satellite meetings are
reported, such as "Policy making in complex adaptive systems", "Young
Researchers Session at ECCS'10", "International Latino America
Committee of the Complex Systems Society", and "Modelling the
non-separability of a very complex world". Finally, after reviewing
the past we take a look to the very promising future in Vienna, which
will receive the 2011 edition of the European Conference on Complex

Welcome to the January issue of the ASSYST/CSS Newsletter. As you will
notice in the on-line version ( /index.html ), the
Newsletter is using an innovative way of being presented in your
computer. A new age for the on-line edition is just starting, and we
are all in the front-line.

More exciting new ideas are being prepared to appear in the Newsletter
pages during this New Year. Stay attentive!

-- The ASSYST Team


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