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Number 8 - July 2010
Published by ASSYST Complexity Complex Systems Society

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In this Edition:

  • Editorial: When ‘Life’ gets another boost
  • ECCS Global Problems Panel Discussions
  • [k]NO(w)B O D Y
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Editorial: When ‘Life’ gets another boost

It’s finally summer - usually the time for a break in our daily lives, to rest, go on a much-deserved holiday and prepare ourselves for the year ahead. Summer break is also the time for summer schools and workshops, which allow researchers to rest while visiting other countries, meeting old friends, making new ones and enjoying different cultures. Our conferences section lists many opportunities for Complex Systems researchers to choose from. We would like to suggest the ASSYST promoted COSI-ICT meeting, to be held in London August 3rd, or the ASSYST sponsored Summer School on Complex Systems, to be held in Turunc, Turkey, also in August.

In this edition of the ASSYST / CSS newsletter we announce the public session “Global Problems Panel Discussion” at ECCS’10. This session will be organised by Markus Kirkilionis, who writes about the challenges that we all face in climate change, financial markets and the economy, energy, biodiversity and agriculture.

We also announce the ECCS’10 workshop [k]NO(w)BODY presented by João Fiadeiro, which brings artistic and scientific research together in his workshop entitled “Real Time Composition: Creativity, decision-making and self-organization”.

Finally, we would like to note that another Life (John Conway’s “Game of Life”) regained a sudden interest with the discovery of the first replicator creature by Andrew Wade. This is a demonstration of how “astounding complexity can arise from simple beginnings and process” and might allow cellular automata to reclaim the spotlight in the near future.

In the end, this newsletter is about opportunities, for us, for the planet, for art and science, and for a simple cellular automaton. It’s time to regain our strength and prepare for the challenges ahead. There’s no better time for that than summer.

-- The Assyst Team

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