ECCS10 SM5 - Young Researchers Session

Experiments In Swarm Robotics

Evolution of social norms in a dynamic scale free network

Maintenance of sexual reproduction in a world of structured resources

Formulation of Transport Emission Reduction Policies: A case study in the Application of Network Analysis

A tool for relations detection

Exploring the Dynamics of Economic Networks using Agent-Based Modeling

Modeling fleet behavior with rule-based fuzzy cognitive maps

A Dynamic Approach to Spatio-temporal Collaborative Filtering

Assembling the superset of 4 critical research areas in Complexity: Evolution, Self-organization, Cognition and Network Topology

A Framework for Hypernetwork Modelling and Analysis

Modeling for a Tardean Quantitative Sociology

Predicting patient outcomes: artificial neural network analysis of a complex intervention for back pain

Network characteristics of news text sources

The emergence of linear sequencing in children: A continuity account and a formal model

Dynamic Bayesian analysis of protein signaling connectivity reveals heterogeneity within single breast cancer subtype

TINA: mapping the science for scholars and decision-makers