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Number 9 - August 2010
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In this Edition (see attached PDF):

* Editorial
* Comparing large-scale computational approaces to epidemic modeling:
agent-based versus structured metapopulation models
* Submarine robots learn teamwork
* News and Announcements
* Reading Snippets
* Conferences and Workshops
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In the beginning of this century, new forms of communication have been
strongly influencing human interactions and determining knowledge
transmission mechanisms. Scientific communication, in particular, is
evolving from text-based to a diversity of multimedia formats. The
Complex Systems Society, aware of the importance of this change,
supports innovation by encouraging new uses of video documents in
scientific debate. This is what motivates the forthcoming ECCS Video
Competition, held in conjunction with ECCS'10 at Lisbon, September
13-17, 2010. The goal of the competition is to document exciting
complex systems studies advances in research, education, and
application. Videos can highlight some research, focus on the
activities of research groups, introduce new topics, document the
activity of a senior researcher or even include interviews. Videos
will also be displayed at the ASSYST Digital Library. Please check the
ECCS Video Competition webpage for more details and updated news.

This issue of the newsletter is particularly interesting, including an
article on some results of the on-going Epiwork project, comparing
large-scale computational approaches such as agent-based versus
structured metapopulation models. Another article describes the GREX
project and new exciting technologies for submarine robots
teamwork. As usual, you can also find the already famous reading
snippets, and announces for the community. We hope you will enjoy it!

-- The ASSYST Team


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