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Eight German Conference on Multi Agents System Technologies

21 Sep 2010 to 23 Sep 2010

Karslruhe, Germany

Submissions due: 9 Apr 2010

Topic: multi-agents agents


ServAgents 2010

First International Workshop on Services and Agents

12 Nov 2010 to 15 Nov 2010

Kolkata, India

Submissions due: 3 Sep 2010

Topic: agents

Notes: There are strong connections between intelligent agents and services, and there is increasing crossover between works in the two communities. The new area of services (both in the sense of service science and service-oriented computing) offers exciting new application opportunities for both the concepts and methodologies of intelligent agent systems. Techniques developed in the agent research community promise to have a strong impact on this fast growing field. For instance, agent-oriented modeling techniques can influence the development of service modeling techniques. Agent technology may offer a solution to the critical business imperative of service delivery optimization. Agent systems might provide crucial decision support functionality in the business service delivery.

This workshop aims to bring together researchers and practitioners in the areas of services and agents, and engage in the discussion and exchange of ideas. It will serve to highlight the impact of research in agents on the area of services and will help in the identification of practical needs and opportunities.

The emphasis of this workshop is on the intersection of the rather new, fast growing services science and engineering paradigm with agent technology. We especially encourage papers that deal with the application of agent techniques to challenges in the services area. We invite papers on all aspects relating to the overlap of Intelligent Agent Technology and Services. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

* Agent-oriented approaches (frameworks, methods, and tools) to business and IT-enabled service modeling, analysis and design
* Simulation and optimization of business services and service systems
* Service compliance management
* Agent technology in business process management
* Philosophical foundations of agency and services
* Service description, matchmaking, discovery, and brokering
* Service composition, orchestration, and choreography
* Agent-based monitoring and exception-handling of service delivery
* Agent-based negotiation of QoS and SLAs
* Service business models and case studies
* Ontology applications in services science


8th European Workshop on Multi-Agent Systems

16 Dec 2010 to 17 Dec 2010

Pars, France

Submissions due: 14 Sep 2010

Topic: multi-agents agents

Notes: In December 2003, the First European Workshop on Multi-agent Systems was held at the University of Oxford, UK. This workshop emerged from a number of related workshops and other scholarly activities that were taking place at both national and European levels, and was intended to provide a single recognised forum at which researchers and those interested in activities relating to research in the area of autonomous agents and multi-agent systems could meet, present (potentially preliminary) research results, problems, and issues in an open and informal but academic environment. Since then, yearly editions of the event were held in Barcelona (Spain), Brussels (Belgium), Lisbon (Portugal), Hammamet (Tunisia), Bath (UK) and Agia Napa (Cyprus) shortly before Christmas. In 2010, the event will take place in Paris (France), hosted by Paris Descartes University.


3rd International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence

28 Jan 2011 to 30 Jan 2011

Rome, Italy

Submissions due: 8 Jul 2010

Topic: artificial intelligence agents



Agent-Directed Simulation Symposium

4 Apr 2011 to 9 Apr 2011

Boston Marriott Long Wharf Hotel; Boston, MA, USA

Submissions due: 31 Oct 2010

Topic: agents simulation

Notes: Agent-directed Simulation (ADS) Symposium is the premier platform to explore all three aspects of the synergy of simulation and agent technologies. Hence, it has a special place within simulation and agent conferences, including agent-based (social) simulation conferences. Therefore the ADS symposium fills a gap in the agent community as well as the simulation community.

The purpose of the ADS symposium is to facilitate dissemination of the most recent advancements in the theory, methodology, application, and toolkits of agent-directed simulation. Agent-directed simulation is comprehensive in the integration of agent and simulation technologies, by including models that use agents to develop domain-specific simulations, i.e., agent simulation (this is often referred to as agent-based simulation -when other two important aspects are not considered), and by also including the use of agent technology to develop simulation techniques and toolkits that are subsequently applied, either with or without agents.

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