Mathematics in the Science of Complex Systems

Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick Thursday 9th – Friday 10th June 2011

This EPSRC & ASSYST meeting follows a workshop held in February 2011 at the European Centre for Living Technology in Venice as part of the European ASSYST project. Like the Venice meeting, this workshop is organised around the questions:


    • which areas of mathematics are used in complex systems science?


    • what is the historical context? Have any outstanding problems been solved?


    • have any new fields of mathematics or problems been generated ?


    • how can statistical research contribute to complex systems science?


    • how does mathematics interface to computation in CS science?


    • what are the implications for applications in industry and for policy makers?


    • are new logical frameworks necessary for the science of complex systems?


    • what are the implications for education and training in CS science?


    • are there completely new areas of mathematics waiting to be discovered?


    • what are the ‘grand challenges’ for mathematics and mathematicians?

The meeting in Warwick is intended to widen the network of mathematicians participating in this initiative. Everyone will be given the opportunity to present their views. Attendance is free. We will provide overnight accommodation on Thursday 9th June (and Wednesday 8th June as needed) and refund travel expenses. If you would like to attend please contact us to book your place as soon as possible.

Please email or call 01908-652627 or 077 966 966 21 to book your place.

Registration: see the source webpage.
The meeting is organised by Robert MacKay ( on behalf of the Warwick Mathematics Institute and Jeff Johnson ( on behalf on ASSYST.