ICT Based Policies For a Green Knowledge Society

How can ICT help achieve a green knowledge society? How are different regional policies in Europe affecting this goal?

ASSYST and the Department of Urban and Regional Planning of the University of Florence are organizing a conference on the “possibility to achieve a green knowledge society with the utilisation of the ICT as a mean of enhancing interaction and a distributed intelligence on the overall society”. The conference will take place May 27th, 2011 in Florence at the University of Florence.

Representatives of four European regions: Greater London Authority, Region de l’Ile de France, Piedmont Region, and Tuscany Region, will present their experience. Experts in decision making and in the utilization of ICT will comment these experiences. A general final discussion will investigate how ICT could help strengthening regional policies to pursue the goal of a greener knowledge society.

source: http://fs.urba.arch.unifi.it/assyst/home.html