Elsevier foundation New Scholars Program

The New Scholars Program supports projects to help early-to mid-career women scientists balance family responsibilities with demanding academic careers.

New Scholars seeks to actively address the attrition rate of talented women scientists caused by work-life balance issues. The Foundation provides one, two and three year grants to STEM institutions and organizations actively working towards a more equitable academia by:

Encouraging networking and collaborations among institutions and/or across STEM disciplines in ways that support the challenges of faculty and staff with family responsibilities.

Developing and implement strategies for advocacy and policy development to advance knowledge, awareness, and application of programs to retain, recruit and develop women in science.

Enabling scientists to attend conferences, meetings, workshops and symposia that are critical to the development of a career in science by helping them with childcare and other family responsibilities when attending scientific gatherings.

Application details can be found at the Elsevier foundation webpage. The deadline for applications is September 15th.

source: http://www.elsevierfoundation.org/new-scholars/how-to-apply/