Complexity-NET and COSI-ICT ECCS 2011 Booklet

The booklet for the ECCS11 Satellite Meeting on Complexity-NET projects: Interdisciplinary Challenges for Complexity Science and the FET proactive 4: COSI-ICT project is available for download.

As one of the most important annual events in Complex Systems Science, the conference aims to provide a broad forum for the diverse communities engaged in Complex Systems research, ranging from the Life Sciences to Physics, from Computer Science to Social Science, from Mathematics to Origin of Life, and from Networks to Policy Implications.

The ECCS’11 will feature a fine selection of inspiring keynote speakers, satellite conferences, awards, and panel discussions on a wide variety of hot topics.

During the ComplexityNET session the research projects that were awarded funding through the Complexity-NET pilot call ‘Interdisciplinary Challenges for Complexity Science’ last year will present themselves.