ASSYST Workshop on Mathematics for the Dynamics of Multilevel Systems

Following highly successful meetings on Mathematics in the Science of Complex Systems at ECLT in Venice and Warwick University in February and June 2011, we are holding the meeting Mathematics for the Dynamics of Multilevel Systems at the European Centre for Living Technology, Venice, 26th – 28th February 2012.

This meeting takes place in the context of the recent DYM-CS call from FET. That call closes in January 2012. Our meeting will give an opportunity for those who have participated in this call to share their ideas before the evaluations, and it aims to create a collaborative context for the projects which are selected for funding. There is no conference fee and accommodation, meals and some travel support will be provided. Attendance is strictly limited. Anyone wishing to attend this meeting should contact saying briefly their interest in the meeting and why they should be allocated a place. Places will be allocated on the basis of engagement with the DYM-CS programme and/or individuals having a clear contribution to make to the DYM-CS community. We expect to be oversubscribed and apologise in advance that we cannot accept everyone on this occasion.