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Elsevier foundation New Scholars Program

The New Scholars Program supports projects to help early-to mid-career women scientists balance family responsibilities with demanding academic careers.

ASSYST Bursaries Recipients Biographies

The science of complex systems teaches that variety is necessary for systems to adapt to changing environments. In an attempt to increase variety in the CS community, ASSYST has again this year offered bursaries to support female scientists, minority groups and young researchers in attending ECCS'11. The following 32 people have been offered bursaries.

Videos of the 4th Annual French Complex Systems Summer School

The videos and presentations of the 4th Annual French Complex Systems Summer School held in Paris in August 2010 are available online at the ISC-PIF Open Multimedia Library.

Open Day at the Complexity Science DTC at Warwick

On June 22, the Complexity Science Doctoral Training Centre of the University of Warwick is organising an Open Day for all interested in pursuing studies in the field of Complex Systems.

1st of May

assyst css newsletterIn this 1st of May 2011, the ASSYST/CSS Newsletter presents three distinct initiatives, all concerned, each one in its own way, by the role of Science in building a better society for the future.

Mathematics in the Science of Complex Systems

Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick Thursday 9th – Friday 10th June 2011

ICT Based Policies For a Green Knowledge Society

assyst ICT Green Conference FlorenceHow can ICT help achieve a green knowledge society? How are different regional policies in Europe affecting this goal?

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