Binary options: focus on a complex financial product

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Trading is becoming more and more popular with private investors as well. In relevant specialist magazines, you currently read a lot about particularly one new financial product: Binary options. Binary options are becoming more and more popular and of course, there are reasons for that. For many investors, the main argument in favor of binary […]

The Complexity of Raising a Child in the Modern Consumer Culture

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Parents are bombarded by messages urging them to buy their children educational games and toys so they will turn out intelligent, brand-name clothing and gadgets so that they will fit in and be popular… Then there are the activities urged upon parents: sports, dance, art and music classes, academic enrichment programs… Parents who don’t have […]

The Complexity of Making Healthy Choices

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Modern science offers us a wide range of new medicines, procedures and supplements designed to help us stay healthy, along with constantly changing recommendations about what we should eat and how we should avoid pathogens. How can we sort through the flood of information and make healthy choices? Remedies or Risks? Usually the benefits of […]

The Complexity of Staying Informed

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In today’s hyperconnected society we have access to incredible amounts of information about what’s going on all over the world. How can we sort through the flood of data and decide what is reliable, what is relevant, and how to respond? What’s really happening? We expect to hear breaking news instantly. This doesn’t allow time […]

The Complexity of Charitable Giving in a Hyperconnected World

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Most religions and ethical systems have urged caring people to share their resources with those who are in need. Doing this well–generously, fairly, in a way that empowered the recipients–was not simple even when most people were focused on helping immediate neighbors. It’s more complicated in this hyper-connected age. We are aware of so many […]

The Complexity of Healthy Nutrition in our Fast-Food Society

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Deciding what to eat has gotten much more complicated over the last century. Our food choices have expanded widely. Modern transport and the global economy stock our stores with foods from all over the world. We may enjoy having access to fresh produce in winter and seafood in landlocked countries. We may also worry about […]

The Complexity of Courteous Behavior in Contemporary Society

Complexity of Social Rules

There was a time when most people spent most of their lives surrounded by neighbors who had grown up near them and absorbed a similar set of stable cultural expectations. Now many people travel widely and many more conduct business and build friendships across long distances through electronic communications. Those who stay at home still […]

The narrowing effect of digital communication

Complexity of Communication

In the 1980s Wright Morris said, “We’re in the world of communications more and more, though we’re in communication less and less”. Communications technology has continued to explode since then. We can call, email, text, tweet, Skype, blog, post to Facebook or Pinterest or Google+ or…, and our attention is constantly grabbed by communications from […]